CEBEC: certifies the safety and efficiency of your products and activities

CEBEC, an independent service company, provides a solution for every product or systems certification need. We also offer assistance for CE marking, training and advice. Our mission: to ensure safe and efficient activity at home, at work and during leisure time.

CEBEC verifies, inspects, assesses and certifies the safety, functionality and electromagnetic compatibility of products. These include installation materials, household appliances, lighting equipment, information technology equipment, alarm systems and medical devices.
CEBEC verifies, assesses and certifies the quality, the environmental impact or the safety of systems in a wide range of businesses

Our philosophy: using our know-how to offer solutions that meet the specific needs of client companies and, by doing so, providing them with the utmost efficiency and value. We combine our activities within a one-stop service to provide full service.

Download our CEBEC certificate (PDF: 1,16 MB)


Belgian federation for the water sector.

Download our BELGAQUA certificate (PDF: 0,7 MB)


The BENOR certificate certifies the customer that the manufacturer produces his products in line with the Belgian standard. As a supplement to the corresponding EN standards BCCA stipulates supplementary specifications under the supervision of the BIN (Belgian institute for standardisation) (PTV: technical regulations). The BENOR certification is carried out under the mandate of the BIN for a host of certain product lines.

Download our BENOR certificate (PDF: 0,9 MB)


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